Monday, March 25, 2013

What happened to Captain FlashLight?
Why is he not on the radio anymore?
Will he ever come back?
A note from Captain FlashLight creator
"Bongo" Rod Butler

Hey Captain FlashLight Friends,
It's true, Captain FlashLight is not on the radio anymore. If that makes you sad, imagine how it makes me feel. Since 1993, I've written and produced over 200 episodes, and I've been the Captain's voice for all of those shows, so I'm probably the one who will miss him most! So why am I cancelling the radio show?

I've asked the Captain himself to answer that question.

It is I, Captaaaaaaaain FlashLight! Yes, I know it's weird, knowing that Blinkie and I, and all the characters, will not be on your radio any more. Is it the work of Low Voltage or Bulbus? Or Louie Dah Lampshade? No. You have only one person to blame. Me. That's right! ME. Ya see...

Being on radio is like, well, like being locked inside a little tiny box. I need to shine! To fight! To battle darkness with Blinky at my side!!! And, I just can't do that on radio. Because all you can do is hear it, when you really need to SEE IT! That would make it so much more... LIGHTastic!

So, Bongo Rod and his friends are working really hard to develop the Captain FlashLight animated series. And we need YOUR PRAYERS! It may take a while, and it may go through lots of changes, but with God's help, it will happen. And one day, you'll really be able to see THE LIGHT shine!!!

I'm looking forward to that day. And I hope you are, too. Right, Blinky?


Your Bright and Shiny Friend, Captain FlashLight