Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Building A Scratch iMovie Video For The 
Book Teaser / Trailer

Using a MIX of new and old animation

And Parker's GREAT book cover art

Coming SOON!

ONE CALM AFTERNOON, Fred Glowbert enters his custodial closet to wipe off his glasses. But suddenly he falls through a trap door and lands in the Laboratory of Light, where Professor Luminous talks him into putting on the light-powered LumaSuit. In a flash, he’s transformed into the fearless, and clueless Captaaaaaaain FlashLight!

He leaps into the SkyLighter and zooms forward. Well, he means to zoom forward, but he actually smashes through the wall and almost collides with the gigantic VacuZoomer, bringing him face to face with dark-doers Low Voltage and Bulbus and their city-freezing Darknetizer.

Will our hero be bright enough to save the darkentized Filament City? Will he master his powerful flashlights, or keep picking the wrong one? And will he really eat Blinkie's last box of doggie snacks?

Join the Captain, Blinkie the LumaDog, the brilliant young Neoni LeLuni, and Professor Luminous in this hilarious and action-packed first junior novel in the new series, The Brilliant Adventures of Captain FlashLight! Available soon as a Kindle e-book on Amazon.com.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012