Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Shots from the pilot episode "Don't Walk... RUN!!!"

Cap and Blinkie exit the SkyLighter, walking forward in the light...

I can't tell you WHERE they are, or WHAT'S happening, but
 you're gonna love this first episode!!!

>> BUT WAIT...
                         here's one more scene...

HINT: Suddenly, a ____-_____ bursts through the ground!

(Sorry. Can't tell you what it is. Any guesses??? cptflashlight@gmail.com

Keep praying as we keep working on this 3-4 minute animatic that will be posted on the website, early 2012.

>>>Rod and Parker...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Here's Parker Ott, drawing rough sketches for a 4 -5 minute animatic.

The pictures are from the proposed pilot episode, "Don't Walk... RUN!" It features the villain STOP-LIGHT, and his minions, the Don't Walks.

Here's a great sketch of Blinkie, thrown into action!

Parker keeps drawing and drawing! And sipping Dr. Pepper.

Over 150 pictures so far, each one numbered by Act and sketch.

Wow, that's a lotta pictures! Parker will re-draw them for the final animatic, which can be used to pitch the show to people who can help it become an animated series.

Keep praying... that one day soon, it will be "Time to Shine!"