Thursday, July 21, 2011

SNEAK PEEK: New Filament City Logo!

Special thanks to Parker Ott for working with me through many revisions, (the drawings above are only a few of them!) and arriving at such a galaxy-rockin', darkness-bashin', cartoony-cool logo! Look closely and you'll see that the filament wire inside the light bulb is shaped like a heart--Parker's idea--which is great: it's like the light of God's LOVE shining through us. I'm so grateful for our new logo, as we work toward our goal:
Shining God's Light
into the World of Mass Media

All names, text and images copyright 2011 Filament City Media

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Funny Cartoon/Sketch of SkyLighter
This sketch is funny! Parker does all kinds of stuff: he animates, draws, paints, designs, and loves to make cartoony drawings like this one. Here we see a scene from the Pilot Episode, an early storyboard panel, showing Cap flying his ship right through the wall of the Laboratory of Light. Neoni doesn't look too happy. (AND: check out the show logo, which dates back to the artwork from Janimation in Dallas/Fort Worth.)

Digital Color Sketch of SkyLighter
Is this cool or what??? Parker was working to get the feel of a silvery SkyLighter as it rises out of the Laboratory of Light. Also he was working on Filament City building shapes and colors. Cool stuff.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Captain... FunLight???
Yup, Captain FunLight! This goes way, waaay, waaaaayyyy back to 1993. Captain FunLight was the official superhero of my first radio program, FunLight Radio, with Mr. Rod and Flower. This Captain had a cape and could fly. And his side-kick was a boy named Blinkie. But he did battle Low Voltage and Bulbus, and he was the same goofy, clumsy, clueless but powerful hero he is today. LIGHTastic!
Cap With Helmet & Goggles
Waaaaay back around 2002, artist Daniel Miller drew the Captain with a long coat, helmet, goggles and a big flashlight. Funny nose and mouth, too! But this look just didn't seem right. Back to the drawing board!

Which One Is Captain FlashLight?
We had to ask ourselves, "OK, what does this guy look like?" So Daniel drew a bunch of faces, and I put little x's by the ones I kinda liked. But really none of theme seemed like THE FACE for the Captain. So we had to keep drawing... 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Niblett's Night Light Motel
OK, so I still use crayons. But I love crayons! These are pictures I drew in 2008. This one shows the Night Light, where Fred Glowberg works as Chief Custodian. That's him polishing a light bulb. The owner is Spindle Niblett, along with her daughter, Vanella. And...there's something very strange...very unusual about Fred's custodial closet. It's a hidden passageway to the...oops, I almost gave it away!

Evil Warehouse/Laboratory
Hidden (or not hidden!) by the small Tuna Taco stand next to it.

Early Drawing of Filament City

Friday, July 8, 2011

The SkyLighter
Here's an early home-made model of the SkyLighter, glued together from bits and pieces. I made the big tube out of plastic PVC pipe, the front cone out of a toy cheerleader's megaphone, and cut the fins out of thin wood called masonite. Spray-painted it white, but now I'm thinking silver would look better.

The BulbaZoomer
This model started as plastic coffee creamer bottle and turned into the BulbaZoomer, Low Voltage and Bulbus' flying ship before it became the VacuZoomer. It has a big roll-up metal door--like a garage door--on the side, and a goofy light bulb cockpit in the front. Don't think we'll ever use it, but I do like the funny landing gear, modeled after 1960's vacuum cleaners you would pull across the carpet.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It is I, Captaaaaaaain FlashLight!
FLASHBACK: Captain FlashLight has gone through a lot of changes. I mean A LOT of changes. He began as a radio character, then he appeared in a short comic, and many years later showed up as an animated character. I'll be showing you a bunch of different drawings, so you can see the transformation. First of all: Check out this cool early concept art by Daniel G. Miller.